Blockage occurs concrete pump

Concrete pump blockage in the construction sometimes is like there will be, a customer asked the reason is not the concrete delivery pump itself caused, it is not. What causes concrete pump blockage is it? With a look.     Under normal circumstances, concrete pump pumping pipe center a columnar fluid flow in suspension. Fluid surface coated with a layer of grout, grout layer is used as a lubricant in contact with the wall, substantially no relative motion between the aggregate. electric concrete mixer for sale in china But when the coarse aggregate in the aggregate portion of the track is blocked, the movement speed of the rear aggregate will therefore gradually slow down, resulting in the formation of coarse aggregate in the pipe assembly, support coarse aggregate mortar is crowding out, by remaining gap by the small aggregate filled. Thus, the aggregate density increases, resulting in a collection of objects within the section of the pipeline along the pipe radially inner expansion grout lubricating layer is damaged, the movement resistance increases, slow down, until the motion stops and clogging.     Therefore, when using concrete pump pumping aggregate density should be appropriate, not too much. Also note that construction in the hot season, to use drop cloths wet, warm straw bags and other covering concrete pipes, avoid direct sunlight. When construction of the cold season, it is appropriate thermal insulation material wrapped} Quinn concrete pipes, cold concrete to prevent the inner tube, and to ensure that the temperature of the concrete into the mold.

Fine aggregate concrete pump characteristics  

Fine aggregate concrete pumps are widely used in construction which, italy brand diesel concrete mixer for sale usually not for people to understand. Today, small series to follow the pace together to learn what it fine concrete pump.       Fine aggregate concrete pump with dual pump and dual circuit hydraulic system, small impact, high reliability, with anti-pump function, plugging in favor and remove the fault, and a short period of downtime to be expected.       The use of advanced S tube distribution valve, which automatically compensate for wear gap, good sealing performance, wear gold glasses, plates and cutting ring. Long life, solid long-stroke cylinder, extending the life of the pot and the piston.      Optimized design of the hopper, suction performance better, work more efficiently. Automatic centralized lubrication system to ensure the effective operation of the machine lubrication.       Product user-friendly design makes the operation more convenient, more simple to maintain. Widely used in warm, lightweight insulation foam cement, mortar, concrete transport small orthopedics, fire, transportation insulation materials, various types of concrete construction delivery dirt.